Thursday, June 12, 2014

Link Schwartz: the family law attorney you need.

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I meet lawyers who dabble in areas of practice.  Many of them, as a matter of fact.  And some of those lawyer do a little bit of family law, “here and there,” as they tell me.

It’s a bad idea to “dabble” in any area of law, for lawyers, and lay people may not necessarily know this, but here’s why: because there are intricacies and developments that you may not be kept abreast of if you just ‘dabble.’

The law is constantly developing.  Not quickly, but incrementally.  Every week I get a newsletter of cases decided by appellate courts that week, and just in my areas of practice there are usually 3-5 cases in that newsletter, which means that there are roughly 150+ developments in the law per year in the areas I practice in.  Keeping up with just those cases requires 1-2 hours per week of my time.

So a lawyer that ‘dabbles’ in this and that – does a bit of PI, a bit of criminal defense, some estate planning, and some family law – has to devote 4, 5, maybe 6 hours a week keeping abreast of new developments. Do you think they’re doing that? Me, neither.

A lawyer who practices exclusively family law not only has the time to keep up with the law, but has the expertise to deal with those cases.  The more cases a lawyer has handled, the more he or she has a feel for how judges and other lawyers look at these cases, giving the ability to plan a case better.  They will know the experts they need and have the breadth of experience to creatively plan your case for those unusual situations. And they will be someone who loves doing this area of law, because you don’t focus your practice on something you hate.

So which would you rather have: a lawyer who has to struggle to keep up with the area of law you need him to know, who doesn’t know as much as the other people in the courtroom, and who doesn’t really care for that area of law, or a lawyer who is dedicated to your family and family law?

The answer is easy for me.  And for Link Schwartz, who’s a family law attorney in Los Angeles.  Link has been practicing family law in LA for 25 years.  That’s a long time to do an area of law, and you don’t stick with something that long without knowing it well and being devoted to it.

If I need a lawyer, I find someone who practices exclusively or almost exclusively in that area. Which means if you need a family law attorney in LA, you’d probably better check out Link K. Schwartz.
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