Sunday, February 5, 2012

I had an idea for franchising my law firm. Each location would include a "Pixy Sticks" Bar.

How do you find a good business opportunity?

If you said "Craigs List," you can show yourself out the door.

There are about 7,300,000 people out of work right now in the U.S. -- so if you're looking for work or thinking about changing jobs, there is a LOT of competition. On the other hand, if you're looking to BECOME AN EMPLOYER, this may be a good time to consider opening your own franchised business.

Consider, say, a Blimpie Franchise. Blimpie's simple premise (quality foods, quality employees, subs that people will love) has led to it being around for 40 years, and there are 900 thriving Blimpie sub shops around the country. You've probably eaten at one.

Blimpie, like other franchise opportunities, can give you a good start on a business: you get a name-brand and national support for your start-up business instead of having to begin from the ground up. That's one benefit of being a franchise owner.

I found out about Blimpie because I was reading at Franchise Clique, they've got listings for all kinds of franchises people might want to own, like Blimpie's, and like Quiznos-- which is another sub shop that you've probably heard of, and even Papa Murphy's, which would be my first choice of a franchise if I opened one except that I'd probably end up eating all the profits. has listings of national and international franchises, sortable and searchable, so you can find the franchise opportunity that suits you. I've worked in restaurants, so I know that can be a fun way to earn a living -- you get to meet people, and the job is social, and if you run a restaurant right, you'll be filling a niche in your area, because people've got to eat, right?

What's nice is that you can get actual information. I mean, don't take advice from a lawyer who writes a blog: Investigate your business opportunity and ask questions and hook up with a legitimate company. And can help you do that, with pages and videos and press releases for each franchise, as well as an easy online form to request more information.

If you're thinking of opening your own business, looks like a great place to begin.

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