Saturday, December 4, 2010

Need A Tarp? I've got you covered. (Get it? Do you? It's a pretty subtle pun.)

It snowed last night -- and still a little this morning -- about four inches total. The snow didn't catch ME sleeping, though.

Well, okay, LITERALLY, it did catch me sleeping. It didn't start until probably 11 p.m. and I fall asleep early, so I was asleep when it snowed by METAPHORICALLY speaking I wasn't asleep because I'd already put canvas tarps over everything that needed to be protected outside: equipment, yard furniture, The Boy (who's not allowed in house except on holidays.) (What? He's messy.)

Most people never think about the need for a canvas tarp or two - -but when you need one, you need one, and that's when you'll realize that you don't have one. And that's when you'll have to go running around trying to throw your wife's comforter on the stuff you want to protect, and she's going to be all "What are you doing, that's my good bedspread!" and you'll be like "Look, I've got the boat and the gas grill out here and they're going to get wrecked in this snowstorm that for some reason also has hail and meteorites" and she'll say "If you don't get those bedsheets back in here I'm tossing out your entire collection of Sports Illustrateds going back to the 1981 issue when Robin Yount was on the cover," and you'll say "I didn't think you knew I'd stashed those in the garage," and she'll say "I didn't... until now..."

Trust me. Happens OVER AND OVER. At least at my house.

Anyway, my point is that you need canvas tarps for work projects, covering stuff, securing loads that you're hauling... and you need them NOW, not after the fact.

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